A multi-tenant data platform

For building integrated digital library, institutional repository and electronic archive solutions


For institutions, foundations and companies large and small

Digital libraries

Manage your digital collections


Build your institutional submission workflows

Electronic archives

Preserve your archival material

Asset management

Manage your digital assets


Integrate your data flows

RESTful Apps

Streamlined RESTful back-end


The core Butterfly features at a glance

Multiple datastores, data models, users and flows integrated into a single system

Support a rich object-oriented data model with unlimited customization capabilities

Employ a datastore abstraction layer to accommodate to varying data access patterns

Organize items into collections and sub-collections of unlimited depth

Use a local database or support single sign-on functionality atop CAS or LDAP

Manage rights based on the roles and units of users and the collections of items

Use lists or hierarchies of terms to define the permitted values of selected fields

Support lightning-fast full-text search

Offer a uniform REST API atop heterogeneous data

Perform custom actions and workflows based on server-side events

Support open access protocols and open data best practices


How our clients use Butterfly



University of Athens

Pergamos builds upon Butterfly to offer an integrated solution for managing the University's archival and cultural material, as well as the gray literature and research material.

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Harokopio University

As before, Butterfly is used to make Estia an integrated digital library / institutional repository / electronic archive solution for the University.

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Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation

The foundation uses Butterfly on premises to host and manage its digitized archival material.


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