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Research Projects E-Submission System

Online Submission System for the Research Projects of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

Each year, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation issues a public call for funding Research Projects.

Since 2009, we are implementing the online submission system that is used by the research community to submit their proposals. The submission system remains open during the submission period only.

Law Firm's Website

Website of ''Chara Kanellopoulou - Zerva & Associates''

The Law Firm "Chara Kanellopoulou - Zerva & Associates" required to create a fresh-looking and dynamic website. So, we:
  • have designed a minimal yet elegant website layout that is well-suited to their needs.
  • have organised and structured the website's multilingual content to achieve maximum usability and friendly browsing.
  • have ensured that the Law Firm will be able to enrich its demanding content (videos, photos, publications) continuously.
The website operates since 2012.

Neraida E-Catalogue

Electronic Catalogue of the Museum of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

Recently, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has reconstructed the ship M/V "NERAIDA" and turned it into a floating business history museum.

The museum's physical exhibits originate from the archival collections of the John S. Latsis Archive, while the Museum Electronic Catalogue we have developed interoperated with the Foundation's digital library system to present the museum's exhibits in digital form.

The E-Catalogue operates in the "NERAIDA" floating museum as well as in the Foundation's premises since 2010.

E-Archives of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute

Digital Library of the Institute's Historical Archives

Recently, the Hellenic Pasteur Institute has digitized and documented its historical archives to develop a digital library.

We have deployed a DSpace-based solution to hold the historical archives of the Institute, operating in the Institute's private network. We have also developed an automated process to export and publish selected archival material on the web.

The whole system operates since 2011 and the web view of the archival collections is available at http://www.pasteur.gr/ha.


John S. Latsis Archive

Digital Library of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

John S. Latsis Archive covers the personal and business life of John S. Latsis and consists of seven collections.

The digital library system we have developed is being used internally by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation to document, curate, manage and preserve the archival items, their metadata and the respective born-digital or digitized content (photographs, documents, interviews, three-dimensional artifacts and audiovisual material).

The digital library operates since 2006.

Website of the Historical Archive, University of Athens

The Historical Archive of the University of Athens required to renew its old web site.

We have re-structured the web site's material and re-designed its layout. We have set up a CMS to host the material, while we have also developed an automated interoperation procedure to feed the web site with information from selected Historical Archive's digitized collections hosted in Pergamos.

The web site operates since 2010.

Pergamos Digital Library

Digital Library of the University of Athens (Libraries Computer Center)

We have played a leading role in the design and development of Pergamos digital library.

To our knowledge, Pergamos is the largest Academic digital library in Greece and one of the first digital libraries globally that were build upon Fedora-Commons Digital Object Repository.
It has been used as an example of digital library best practices in the book "How to Build a Digital Library", 2nd Edition, 2009, Morgan Kauffman by Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge and David M. Nichols (specifically, in Chapter 1 - Orientation: The world of digital libraries).

Pergamos operates since 2006 and it is being used by the Libraries of University of Athens to deposit, document, manage and preserve numerous collections and sub-collections of historical, cultural and educational material.

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