OpenDataCloud event at Innovathens


The Greek Free / Open Source Software Society, with the help of Niovity, organizes the following event at Innovathens on Friday, the 4th of July, at 18:00:

Open Data & Business Opportunities: Developing applications with the OpenDataCloud

The event will present OpenDataCloud, a novel cloud service that wishes to revolutionalize the way we use open public data.

The OpenDataCloud prototype had won the 2nd prize in the Open Public Data Hackathon 2014 organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Administration Reform and E-Governance, in association with the School of Pedagogical and Techonological Education, the Harokopio University of Athens and the Greek Free / Open Source Software Society.

In the first part of the event, the OpenDataCloud service will be presented, emphasizing:

  • the open technologies and the powerful RESTful API offered by the service,
  • the simplicity and speed of developing open data applications using the service.

In the second part of the event, there will be held an open discussion with regard to:

  • Business opportunities that arise from the successful reuse of open data.
  • Possible common activities, co-operations and associations relative to open data.

The event may be of interest to:

  • Professionals and businesses seeking for new opportunities in the areas of open data and open government.
  • Public institutions that either produce or manage open data.
  • Anyone who wishes to use open public data (developers, enterpreneurs, scientists, researchers, etc.).

The admission to the event is free, yet, please register here.

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