Butterfly Data Platform

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End-to-end data management

Butterfly supports the whole spectrum of your data management needs, offering an end-to-end data management platform for your organization.


Deposit your data items

Born-digital items
If your data items are born-digital, use Butterfly's data deposit and submission workflows to collect the items in a single place.

Digitized items
If your data items are digitized, Butterfly data submission workflows can speed up your digitization process by automating the file conversions your staff performs manually.

Classify your data and link them with each other

Unlimited collection hierarchies
Use Butterfly to classify and organize your data items in collection/sub-collection hierarchies with unlimited depth.

Data-association graph
Use Butterfly to link your data items with each other and transform your collection hierarchy into a user-consumable graph.

Describe and document your data items

Use metadata
Exploit Butterfly's metadata features to describe, curate and document your data in terms of their descriptive, technical and administrative attributes.

Butterfly uses digital library best practices to hold your metadata in open, interoperable formats, while offering effective form widgets that support keywords, autocompleted text-boxes, drop-down select boxes and clickable calendars to hide the underlying complexity from users.

Present and publish your data

Search the information space
Butterfly allows users to search the information space in a multitude of ways to discover items of interest.

Browse the information space
Butterfly allows users to browse the information space and navigate through your data collections and data-association graphs.

Share and reuse your data items

Butterfly supports well-established interoperability formats and protocols to allow your information space to be shared with the world.

Butterfly supports a RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) that permits your information space to be reused in any applications.

Preserve and export your data

Preserve your data
Butterfly can archive your data items using a variety of data-storage formats, depending on your selection of the storage subsystem.

Open data export
Butterfly can also export your data item in open, standards-compliant data encodings and formats.
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