Butterfly Data Platform

List of Features


List of features

The following list presents Butterfly features.

We are constantly adding new features to Butterfly, so the list is not exhaustive but highlights the most significant front-end and back-end Butterfly features for general, every day use.


General Features

  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI for all operations.
  • Fully web-based.
  • Build with cutting-edge web technologies, such as AJAX/JSON, HTML 5 and CSS3.
  • Support for all modern web browsers.
  • Consistent display in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Storage subsystems

  • Fedora-commons digital repository.
  • MySQL database.
  • MongoDB document database.
  • Butterfly Simple XML, a lightweight XML encoding schema.
  • Custom data-sources upon request.

File types

  • Support for well-established image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • Support for FLV video in the front-end and any type of video in the back-end.
  • Support for PDF, DOC, DOCX, and ODT. Full-text indexing of these types of documents.
  • Support for MP3 audio in the front-end and any type of audio in the back-end.

Collection Management

  • Organize your items in collection/sub-collection hierarchies. With unlimited depth.
  • Link items from different collections with each other.
  • Re-organize and re-arrange your items at any time. Add new collections, move items between collections, cancel and update links, etc

Data browsing

  • Tree-view display of your collections.
  • Multi-faceted browsing of the collection items.
  • Customizable pagination of collection items.
  • Support for different sorting options per collection.

Item display

  • Customizable short-views (e.g., thumbnail and title) and full-views (e.g., full-fledged photo and properties) for all items.
  • Dynamic waterkarks in images.
  • Dynamic image zooming.
  • Page-flip display of books and similar items.
  • Video and audio embedding.
  • Integration with social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Data searching

  • Support for simple and advanced searches.
  • Simple search: free-text search.
  • Advanced search: field-based search.
  • Limit search results by date, by collection or by item type.
  • Support for stored/saved searches.
  • Export search results.


  • Support for Dublin Core (DC) as well as custom DC qualifications.
  • Support for Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS).
  • Support for Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) in data-export.
  • Support for fully-custom, user-definable metadata.
  • Support for multiple metadata schemes per data item.
  • Support for metadata mappings.

Data-entry facilities

  • Automplete for text boxes.
  • Thesauri fields (with drop-down select box or autocomplete text box).
  • Calendars for dates.
  • Keywords.
  • Fully multi-lingual (2 or more languages).

Authentication, Authorization and User Management

  • SSL support.
  • LDAP support for authentication.
  • IP-based authorization.
  • Encrypted passwords.
  • Fine-grained permissions per file, per item, per collection.
  • Access-control lists and role-based authorization.

Interoperability and Programmability

  • Web Services: RESTful Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Support for Open Archives Protocal for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).
  • Support for Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE).

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