Butterfly Data Platform

Grow as you go!


A tool for growth

One of the most critical challenges that contemporary organizations face is the effective management of the constantly expanding information, both in terms of volume and qualitative/conceptual features.
We have designed Butterfly to grow along with your organization's needs, helping you to:

Ensure that the expansion of information in your organization will not act as an obstacle for its future operation and development.

To this end, Butterfly can play a strategic role in your organization, by:
  • providing the "single-stop shop" required to deposit, manage and preserve your information space in a consistent and unified way,
  • enabling your organization to expand its information space in a flexible yet disciplined manner
in order to smoothly and timely meet its current as well as its future data management needs.

Expand your information space

The Butterfly Data Platform helps you manage, evolve and expand your information space in the long run. You may:
  • introduce new types of collections and data items,
  • support new kinds of files to accompany your data items,
  • re-structure and re-organize your collections,
  • add, cancel or update the attributes/fields of your data items
at any time, as you go, without expensive support contracts or time-consuming intervention of third parties.
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