Butterfly Data Platform

Keeping your data open!


Keeping your data open

We are not interested in locking your data; you are their owner. The Butterfly Data Platform offers the following guarantees to all organizations, small or big.


Open data storage

Butterfly can store your information space the way you want to.
Butterfly uses our data-store driver mechanism to operate on top of SQL, XML and NoSQL data-stores all the same. You can arrange the Butterfly installation to fit the existing IT infrastructure of your organization (re-using your existing data-store). You can also select an open-source data-store to hold your data or you can use Butterfly's data-migration facilities to get rid of your old, legacy data-store.

In all cases, we can help you setup and deploy Butterfly in the optimal way for your needs.

Open data usage

Butterfly will not stand in the way should you need to (re)use your information space in other contexts.
Butterfly supports well-established interoperability protocols that let you share your information space, should you need to. The platform also offers a RESTful API that allows you to reuse your data in other applications. The platform's data-export facilities will let you hold your items in open XML formats. Finally, Butterfly data-migration facilities will help you replace the platform's underlying data-store at any time, should you need to.

We 'll be there to help you in all your data-migration, interoperability and integration needs.
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