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Nowadays, an organization's information space (the plethora of datasets being managed in the organization) is its most valuable asset, comprising the intellectual work, the activities and the results of the organization's personnel throughout the years. In order to enable organizations to support the full-life cycle of their information space in cost-effective, sustainable and open ways, we develop Butterfly Data Platform, an integrated, end-to-end data management solution that:
  1. Offers a unified data platform for all organizations and datasets.
  2. Enables organizations to manage, expand and utilize their information space in the long run.
  3. Keeps the organizations' information space open without introducing any data-storage lock-ins.
Butterfly shifts the barriers raised by the use of different data management applications within the organization, combining:
  • the power of cutting-edge Web technologies,
  • the functionality of document & digital asset management applications,
  • the best practices of digital libraries & electronic archives,
  • the data deposit and submission workflows of institutional repositories,
to enable the organization to manage and expand its information space in a unified, integrated and consistent way.


Butterfly solutions & features

Whether your are a small or medium business, a non-profit organization or a large corporation, an educational or cultural institution, you can benefit from the deployment of Butterfly.

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What makes Butterfly different

Butterfly uniquely combines the following three crucial characteristics:
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