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The Butterfly Data Platform can be used in a variety of operational environments to deal with your current and future data management needs.


For the non-profit organizations & educational and cultural institutions

  • Use Butterfly to manage your activities, organize your initiatives and monitor your events and their related documents, press material and multimedia content.
  • Use Butterfly to manage, organize and preserve your historical archives.
  • Use Buttefly to speed-up your digitization projects as well as advance the quality of the end-results.
  • Exploit Butterfly's metadata features to document, describe and organize your born-digital and digitized content.
  • Use Butterfly as the institutional repository for depositing, hosting and sharing your scholarly material.
  • Use Butterfly as a digital library, for managing, preserving and dissemninating your cultural content.
  • Use Butterfly to manage your museum collections or electronic catalogues.
  • Exploit Butterfly's metadata and interoperability features to share your content with the world.

For business entities & corporations

  • Use Butterfly to gather your documents, multimedia and any other digital assets in a single place, linking the items with each other, while reducing the complexity of your backup procedure.
  • Use Butterfly to integrate heterogeneous data sources into a unified data back-end for your organization, advancing the productivity of your staff and simplifying their access to valuable resources.
  • Deploy Butterfly in your IT infrastructure, reusing your existing data-storage solution (e.g., the database of your CRM or ERP) to reduce the total cost of ownership. Alternatively, we can host Butterfly for you, offering the data platform as a service.

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