Our custom services

Our Custom Services

We can help you realize the custom needs and requirements of your project in the areas of server-side Java systems, data-centric applications and web-based solutions.


We can help you design and architect your solution. We can also help you implement, deploy and test its components. Finally, we can also help you monitor the progress of your project and manage your development team.

Data migration & integration

We offer custom data migration and integration solutions for Fedora-commons and DSpace as well as for any SQL, XML and NoSQL data-sources.

Training & support

We offer training and support services for Fedora-commons and DSpace as well as for Apache Tomcat and MySQL open-source software.

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans a broad range of open systems and technologies.

Java Platform

We have been developing software for the Java platform since 1998 and we enjoy building server-side Java solutions using open-source tools, servers and frameworks.

Open Repositories

We are into open repositories, developing solutions with Fedora-commons XML repository or DSpace institutional repository since their 1.0 versions.

Web technologies

We enjoy developing for the web and working with cutting-edge web technologies, such as HTML5/CSS3, AJAX/JSON and RESTful web services.
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