Revolutionalizing Greek Open Data

A cloud service for leveraging the Greek Open Data.

OpenDataCloud is a novel cloud service for leveraging Greek Open Data and embedding them in applications.

The service offers a powerful RESTful API for:
  • retrieving,
  • querying and
  • visualizing
the Greek Open Data in an effective manner, advacing data reuse and laying the foundations for new open data applications to emerge.

The prototype of OpenDataCloud has won the 2nd prize in the Open Public Data Hackathon 2014 organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Administration Reform and E-Governance, in association with:

Every application that needs to utilize the Greek open data faces a series of issues, such as (a) how the data are stored, (b) how the data are indexed and queried, (c) how the data are embedded in the application and are displayed to the user.
The OpenDataCloud service:

  • resolves the above data management issues in a consistent and unified manner,
  • offers open mechanisms to embed the data in any application effectively.
As a result, OpenDataCloud drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop open data applications.

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